The Sunburst Crochet Rug

The Sunburst Rug DIY

I always try to find new projects where I can reuse and give a second life to old materials. Last spring, I found a couple of old fitted-sheets that just lie around my apartment… waiting for me to find them another purpose.

So I did!  First, I cut out all the elastic edge that was around, then with a measuring tape I cut stripes of around 3,5cm (1,5 inch) width, there are lots of tutorials on internet on how to cut the t-shirt yarn that can explain more in detail.

Tip: If your fabric is a bit discolored (like mine did) or you just don’t like the color because it’s too dark, cut a small sample and bleach it to have a lighter shade. 

The Sunburst Crochet Rug


The Sunburst Rug

Level: Intermediate Time: a couple of hours Size: ø 62cm



  • 700 gr aprox. of T-shirt yarn
  • Crochet hook n° 10 – 12 mm


(US terms)

beg: beginning

ch: chain

st(s): stitch(es) 

sc: single crochet

dc: double crochet

ss: slip stitch

dc tg: 3 double crochets finished together

pic: picot (make 3ch and ss in the 1st ch)



Start with a magic ring.

Round 1: ch3 (count as first dc) 11 dc, close the ring and ss in the 3rd ch.  «12dc»

Round 2: ch 2,  *1sc + 1ch* in the next st, repeat * 10 times, ss in the 1rst ch.  «12sc + 1ch»

Round 3: ch 2, 2dc in the 1ch space (of the round below) + 2ch, *3dc tg + 2ch*, repeat *10 times and ss in the 2nd ch from the beg. «12 3dc tg»

Round 4: ch 3, 3dc in the 2ch space (of the round bellow), *4dc in the next 2ch space*, repeat * 10 times and ss in the 3rd ch from beg. «48dc»

Round 5: ch 3, 1dc + 1ch in the next st, *1dc in the next 2 sts + 1ch*, repeat * 22 times and ss in the 3rd ch from beg. «24 2dc + 1ch»

Round 6: ch3, 1dc in every dc and 1ch space of the last round, ss in the 3rd ch of beg «72dc»

Round 7: ch3, 1 dc in the same 1rst st, *1dc in each of next 4 sts, 2dc in the same st*, repeat * 6 times, 2 dc in the same st, repeat * 7 times, ss in the 3rd ch from beg. «88dc in total»

— Optional: You can change the color here for the edge —

Round 8: ch1 (count as 1rst sc), 1sc in every st, ss to the 1rst st. «88sc»

Round 9: ch 3 (the 1rst ch count as the 1sc), jump 1 st and in the next one make 4 db tog + 1 pic + 2ch, *jump 1 st and make 1sc + 2ch in the next st, jump 1st and make  4 db tog + 1 pic + 2ch*, repeat this* until you finish the round, slip sticth in the 1ch from the beginning.   «22 motifs, picots»

Cut the yarn and hide the ends between the stitches in the wrong side. If is too difficult, you can cut the end short (like 2 cm) and sew it by hand (with a matching threat) in the back of the last stitch, it  will secure it and won’t move.

And voilà, you just finished your new crochet rug!

This is the perfect project for a weekend.

I hope you enjoyed making your own Sunburst Rug. I will be delighted to see your final projects on Instagram with the hashtag #fiorelila.

If you have any questions about this pattern, please send me a message to: I’ll be more than happy to answer!

Follow me on Instagram @fiorelila_ to check my works in progress.

You can also find me on Ravelry: fiorelila

Happy crochet !





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