Cozy Winter Blanket – Crochet Pattern

Back in November I made a super cozy throw blanket that I posted on my Instagram since then I had a lost of requests about how to make it. I can finally share with you the pattern.

This is another easy and fast project that you can finish in a few hours. I used a super chunky yarn and a crochet hook number 18.

You can download the PDF version in English, French and Spanish below.



Cozy Winter Crochet Blanket


 What you need: 

6 skeins of DMC Quick Knit yarn ( 51% wool, 49% acrylic ) in color 601.

Crochet Hook 18mm


Approx: length 150 cm x 80 cm / width 59 inch x 31,5 inch

— You can increase the length by adding more foundation stitches at the beginning, and the width by adding more rows.  Take in consideration that you will need more yarn for a bigger size.—

Pattern (US terms)

Half double crochet (hdc) – Stitch (st) – Chain (ch)

We’ll be working only with half double crochets, alternating each row with front loop and back loop crochet

Start with a foundation chain of 60 + 2 ( the first 2 chains of each row don’t count as a stitch ).

Row 1: Make 2ch, in the next and each st 1 hdc across the row, turn. (60 hdc)

Row 2: Make 2 ch, in the next and each st 1 hdc only on the front loop only across the row, turn. (60 hdc)

Row 3: Make 2 ch, in the next and each st 1 hdc on the back loop only across the row, turn. (60 hdc)

Row 4 – 20: Repeat row 2 and 3. (If you want to make it wider, keep repeating row 2 and 3)

Hide in the ends and voilà you have a chunky super cozy blanket.

Optional: if you have a bit of yarn left you can finish with a row of slip stitches.


Chunky Crochet Blanket

I hope you enjoy making this super chunky and cozy blanket that will keep you warm in the winter days.

You can download the FREE PDF version :




Don’t forget to share your wip’s and final projects on Instagram with the hashtag #fiorelila #cozywinterblanket. You can also tag @fiorelila_

Happy crocheting! 🙂


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